Can sildenafil be crushed?


Place of reality,sildenafil and standard sildenafil things (sildenafil citrate), can be safely cut or distributed into two halves. Moreover, they can be crushed if key. It is vital to see that sildenafil tablets are film covered and can be trying to indisputably cut in case you don’t use a sharp edge or pill shaper.

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Mightsildenafil at whatever point ultimately be crushed. I’m restricted to 25mg of sildenafil which I buy as 50mg pills to save cash and cleaved down the center. Slashing sildenafil down the center isn’t clear since they are hard covered and not scored (and especially framed). I find that 25mg is counter-intuitively since it has discretionary effects (a low circulatory strain feeling, regardless of the way that I don’t think my heartbeat is very low). I have had a go at cutting the 50mg into fourth (very testing), yet this has all of the stores of not being near anything. I should cut it into thirds, yet this is obviously amazing. So. Might I at whatever point squash the pill and weigh it out into thirds. I esteem there are two likely inspirations driving why I shouldn’t.


(1) It is a period given drug and the covering is critical to get the fix a long way from coming into my course framework luxuriously speedy. I don’t actually perceive that this is what’s the deal with sildenafil.

Can sildenafil be crushed?

(2) The medication debilitates when familiar with air (oxidizes) and would lose strength at whatever point it is crushed. This I don’t have the foggiest idea and am getting a couple of data about. Much appreciation to you. BTW: I entered this assessment concerning another ED related conversation and it appeared to disappear. If I’m repeating exactly the same thing, I’m crushed.



has a spot with the get-together of meds called phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE 5) inhibitors on an exceptionally essential level used to treat erectile Dysfunction (shortcoming) in adult men. Additionally, SILDENAFIL may in this way be used to treat pneumonic vein hypertension (hypertension in the lungs) in adults to chip away at the ability to rehearse and to control clinical weakening.


SILDENAFIL works by relaxing the veins in the penis, in a manner allowing the blood to stream into the penis when the individual is truly empowered. Subsequently, SILDENAFIL helps treat erectile Dysfunction. SILDENAFIL relaxes the veins, fosters the blood supply to the lungs and diminishes the responsibility of the heart. Consequently, treating pneumonic hypertension.

Can sildenafil be crushed?

You are urged to take SILDENAFIL at any rate broad your PCP has proposed it for you, dependent upon your ailment. Sporadically, SILDENAFIL could cause unavoidable outcomes, for instance, cerebral misery, sickness, baffling, indigestion and stomach upset. An enormous piece of these optional impacts don’t require clinical thought and will pick bit by bit after some time. In any case, you are approached to chat with your major idea expert expecting that you experience these deferred results immovably.


Make an effort not to take SILDENAFIL on the off risk that you are delicate to any of the pieces obviously expecting that you are taking nitrate game plans or riociguat (a medicine used to treat pneumonic hypertension). SILDENAFIL isn’t recommended for use in kids. Counsel your PCP enduring you experience hearing or visual deficiency. Avoid utilization of alcohol as it would impede your ability to get an erection. Taking SILDENAFIL after an immense festival could remove a period for the solution for work; in this way you are urged to take SILDENAFIL with light meals.

Can sildenafil be crushed?

Utilizations of SILDENAFIL

Erectile Dysfunction (ineptitude), Pneumonic vein hypertension


Obliging Benefits

SILDENAFIL has a spot with the get-together of medications called phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE 5) inhibitors, basically used to treat erectile Dysfunction (shortcoming) in adult men and pneumonic vein hypertension (hypertension in the lungs) in adults to deal with the ability to rehearse and to limit clinical spoiling. SILDENAFIL works by relaxing the veins in the penis, as such allowing the blood to stream into the penis when the individual is truly empowered. Regardless, SILDENAFIL helps the person with getting an erection given that he is truly maintained. SILDENAFIL relaxes the veins, gathers the blood supply to the lungs and decreases the responsibility of the heart. As required, it treats respiratory hypertension.


Bearing for Use

Tablet/Case: Swallow down it as a whole with a glass of water generally.

Can sildenafil be crushed?

Syrup/Suspension: Shake the holder quite a while before use. Take the suggested segment using the assessing cup given by the pack. Powder for oral suspension: Really check out at the etching for heading before use. Add the embraced extent of water to the powder, close the cap and shake eagerly for 30 seconds. Take the proposed area using the dosing needle. Sachet: Open the sachet and consume the entire thing. Orally secluding strip: Keep the strip in the mouth and license it to separate. Do whatever it takes not to swallow down as a whole.


Jelly: Spot the Jelly in the mouth or under the tongue and grant it to segregate.




Possible results of SILDENAFIL

Cerebral devastation




Stomach upset

Start to finish Confirmations and Admonished