General reactions of Cenforce 120


The most commonplace unfavourable reactions said in clinical trials are headache, flushing, dyspepsia, odd imaginative and prescient, nasal congestion, again ache, myalgia, nausea, dizziness, and rash.

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How does Cenforce 120 mg work


Its lively ingredient, sildenafil citrate is a cGMP-particular Phosphodiesterase five enzyme (PDE-5) inhibiting drug. That is, its running mechanism is oblique as it takes impact with the aid of shielding cGMP molecules from getting destroyed via the PDE-five enzyme, and consequently will increase its concentration inside the penile muscular tissues. Increased cGMP ranges are answerable for the relaxation of penile muscle groups which consequently attracts extra blood and assists you get a firm erection. However, the only prerequisite for Cenforce to work is sexual arousal due to the fact arousal leads to nitric oxide release within the corpus cavernosum which is required for making cGMP molecules in the first region.

General reactions of Cenforce 120

Uses of Cenforce 120 mg


Cenforce 120 mg is a strong drug to clear up erectile dysfunction problems. It is also regarded to lessen anxiety degrees (associated with sexual performance) greater than its 50 mg dosage. Taking it will improve blood drift to the penis and assist you advantage and maintain an erection for a nice sexual revel in.

Recommended Dosage


The usual encouraged dose is one Cenforce 120 mg taken about half-an-hour to an hour before having intercourse. One can also both take it as consistent with their wants or if identified with ED, their doctor can also prescribe a day by day dosage. We recommend you to not adjust the dose without consulting a health practitioner as a decreased dose may be ineffective and overdose can result in facet outcomes. The medicine is higher on an empty stomach as a heavy meal can gradual down its onset time. Lastly, do not take Cenforce 120 mg more than four hours before you propose to have intercourse because its potency will start lowering after that.

Missed Dosage


If you’ve been prescribed Cenforce 120 mg, make certain you do no longer miss a dose. In case you have overlooked one, take the dose when you keep in mind it. But if the subsequent scheduled dose is less than 12 hours away, bypass the neglected dose and best take the ordinary one. You can take the drugs at the same time as normal for higher reminiscence.


General reactions of Cenforce 120

Overdosing on any drug will have poor results. Cenforce 120 mg, if taken in excessive amounts can result in these signs- headache, swelling of frame elements, respiratory issues, an extra than four hour lengthy painful erection (priapism), and so forth. To keep away from such excessive signs and symptoms, you should keep away from overdosing in this remedy. If you or someone you understand is showing these signs, name a physician right away and get assistance.

Important Advisory


As with any medicinal drug, you need to allow your doctor to realise about all of the fitness situations you go through or have suffered from. This will assist them determine whether or no longer to prescribe sildenafil to you and also in solving an appropriate dose to your circumstance. Here are a few fitness conditions that should be considered carefully earlier than taking Cenforce 120 mg:


Any allergy to sildenafil or some other content of drug within the beyond

Partial or complete blindness

Abnormal imaginative and prescient or any eye situation like retinitis pigmentosa

High or low blood strain situations

Bleeding problems like haemophilia

Blood-associated problems like leukemia or sickle-mobile anemia

Pulmonary Veno-occlusive ailment (PVOD)

Ischemic coronary heart situation or a history of angina attack/ heart attack

Anatomical deformation of the penis as within the Peyronie’s ailment or angulation or cavernosal fibrosis

Any renal or hepatic condition

Epilepsy or seizures

Any circumstance that renders sexual activity inadvisable

Peptic ulcer (each lively and when you have had it in the past)

General reactions of Cenforce 120

Additionally, Cenforce 120 mg isn’t directed to be used by ladies or minors. Its effect on pregnant and breastfeeding ladies is likewise less regarded.

Side results of Cenforce 120 mg


Despite being a properly-tolerated medicine, Cenforce 120 mg will have side effects. It can be a result of an hypersensitivity or a hypersensitive body or an overdose. Following are a few common signs that must vanish after some time-






Runny nostril or stuffy nose




Some extra severe signs which can occur generally due to an hypersensitivity or overdose are-


Swelling of body elements (tongue, face, throat, and so on.)

Rashes or hives

Trouble in breathing

Chest ache

Abnormal heart rhythm


Sudden imaginative and prescient loss (non-arteritic anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy (NAION))

Visual colour distortions



Penile haemorrhage

General reactions of Cenforce 120

All those are excessive-hazard signs that should be right away introduced to a health practitioner’s observation and handled as a consequence.

Interaction With Other Drugs


Drug interaction increases the danger of getting side outcomes, it may also lessen the efficacy of the drug. Cenforce 120 mg might also interact with some pills so that you ought to tell your medical doctor about all of the prescribed and OTC medicine you take. Also, allow them to understand about the herbs and other dietary dietary supplements like vitamin drugs you are probably taking. Possible drug interactions encompass however aren’t limited to-

General reactions of Cenforce 120

Medicines containing nitrates, like isosorbide and nitroglycerine (used for treating coronary heart conditions like angina)

Riociguat and the alternative Guanylate cyclase (GC) stimulators

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and other PDE-five inhibitors

Amyl nitrite, amyl/ butyl nitrate, and other leisure capsules known as ‘Poppers’



Clarithromycin, erythromycin, and other macrolide antibiotics

Carbamazepine and different anti-seizure medicinal drugs

Alfuzosin, doxazosin, and different alpha-blockers

Atenolol and different beta-blockers

Fosamprenavir, saquinavir, and different HIV protease inhibitors

Mifepristone aka RU-486 (one of the 2 pills that shape an MTP kit for abortion)