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Active Ingredients – Dapoxetine


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Buy Priligy 90mg

Priligy 90 mg


Use: This medication was specially developed for treating ED.


Working: Dapoxetine can increase erectile function, lengthen sexual contact, and stop premature ejaculation from occurring. This stimulant is practical because it can be used without the sexual partner ever knowing. The initial effects are noticed 30 minutes after application. The reviews suggest that Dapoxetine has a quick and noticeable effect when taken. Additionally, its price is considerably lower than that of comparable medications that contain the same active ingredients.


For best results: You have to take it 1-3 hours before you have intercourse.


Key takeaways


  • Follow your doctor’s instructions for dapoxetine usage exactly.
  • Additionally, it may result in negative side effects like drowsiness and vertigo.
  • Due to the increased risk of accidents and injuries, you must not drive or use machinery if you experience any of these side effects.
  • During your therapy, you should drink a lot of water to help prevent side effects.
  • One 90 mg tablet should be taken one to three hours prior to the planned start of intercourse, with a full glass of water being consumed while doing so


Who can take this medicine?


Men who are suffering from premature ejaculation.


Who cannot take this medicine?

  • Suffering from fever, indigestion or feeling dehydrated
  • Who takes regular intake of liquor
  • Taking medication without consultation
  • Suffer urinary disease, epileptic seizures, pathology of the hematopoiesis system


Side effects


  • Dizziness
  • Lack of appetite
  • Itchy skin with rashes
  • Improper sleep cycle
  • Dyspeptic disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle or Joint pain
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness


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